The name "Lucky Brush" came from the simple idea that all design should be easy to use. You shouldn't have to work for it, it should happen to you and intuition should be enough to guide you.

"Carefully constructed, but feels like luck."

I have a fascination with colors. There’s something unbelievably satisfying about a container filled with pure color. Nail polish, ink, tubes of acrylic & oil, tiny pans of watercolor, bright markers. Much of my inspiration comes from how colors interact with one another and the texture produced when its applied. Vectors are smooth and the color is even, while paint and traditional mediums show signs of the tools used to apply them. And, in my opinion, the scratchier the better.

lucky brush black and white brush strokes lucky brush color brush strokes

The typeface I kept simple, modern and clean. Something that would not compete with the brush strokes.
lucky brush wordmark logo design
Lucky Brush is a mixture of smooth and rough with a range of colors both monotone and bright & punchy.
lucky brush logo variations I created something loose to fit with my ever evolving ideas and inspirations from color and texture. And keeping the balance between smooth and rough to create something elegant and minimal. Something that could change shape and color while still staying true to the visual system set in place.

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